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Siam Sport has over 30 years in history starting from a monthly sport magazine under the name "Keela Siam" or Siam Sport in Thai. Today, the group of over 1,200 staffs has its business expanded to all type of sport media in daily newspaper, magazine, radio, tv, new media added by event organizing and sport academy.

Expertise is also expanded from sport to entertainment on similar business platform which has proved itself a successful one on sport. It is not boastful at all to claim that we are number one in this business in Thailand with over 90% in market share.

  Daily Newspaper

We are publishing altogether 5 sport dailies with a combined circulation of over 400,000 copies per day, 3rd largest in Thailand.


View Enlarge 1. Siam Keela (Siam Sport). It is the flagship daily of the group covering all kinds of sport worldwide.
View Enlarge 2. Star Soccer. The daily is popular in column written by famous writers plus very up-to-date news and information.
View Enlarge 3. Sport Pool. A very well sellable daily specialized in providing statistics and rating and opinion/verdict of football experts around the world.
View Enlarge 4. Sport Man. A supplementary to Sport Pool in nature plus wider coverage in North American Sports.
View Enlarge 5. Siam Boxing. The totaling boxing paper covering news , information , rates/odds , opinion/verdicts on international and the 2nd most popular sport , Thai boxing.


View Enlarge 1. Siam Dara. This is the daily covering news, photo, movement, personalities In entertainment both local and international fronts.
View Enlarge 2. Siam Bunterng (Entertainment). A bi-weekly newspaper well known in the Insight report on individual and others.



There are two types of magazines published which are conventional/regular and occasional / special. We have over 10 magazines as following.

Conventional ones are such as:

1. Star Soccer Weekly. This is additional to the daily but providing wider and Deeper
2. Siam Boxing Weekly.
3. World Boxing Weekly.
4. Racquet Monthly. The magazine specialized in the game of tennis and badminton in
5. Running.
6. EUFA Champion League Monthly.
7. Bundesliga Monthly.
8. Premier league Special Monthly.

Occasional ones are such as:

1. World Cup Monthly. A special magazine covering the World Cup 2006 Germany
     publishing in a very high end quality for upper market. All issues are of news, pictures,
     information and progress of the up coming world watching event.
2. Asian Games Summery.
3. Sea Games Summery.


Under License

View Enlarge 1. FHM. The world top men lifestyle magazine licensed by EMAP of the UK. It is now Thailand number 1 magazine of its kind.
View Enlarge 2. Car. Also world top auto car magazine published under license from the UK.
View Enlarge 3. Stuff.The gadget specialized magazine licensed from the UK.
View Enlarge 4. Cawaii. The teen popular magazine from Japan which has become Thailand top magazine in the market.
View Enlarge 5. Casa Viva. The interior expertise magazine licensed from Italy which is another successful launch as Thailand housing market is fastly growing.

Own Creation

View Enlarge 1. Adventure & Travel Monthly.
View Enlarge 2. Entertain Bi-weekly. Publishing the news, photo of movie & TV stars and movement.
View Enlarge 3. Music Express Monthly. One of the best selling monthly music magazines covering local and international news.

Siam Sport is the first to establish a sport radio operated on 24 hours basis in co-operation with Siam Inter Multimedia Plc who owns the radio license. We provide sources of information, journalist and report. The sport radio is now available at FM 105.0 and FM 106.75 Network has been expanded nationwide through partners on AM.

At present, we produce weekly sport programmes on various TV channels such as channel 7, channel 9, ITV and UBC cable channel 97. Our ambitious plan in the near future is to open and run the 24-hour sport TV channel when the license becomes available.

   New Media
With the fast growing in the new media area covering internet, wireless cell phone & palm/handheld gadgets. We have established new line of business which proves to be very successful with high growth. The VOR and mobile have been used as the additional platform in reporting news, pictures, games and vdo clips on sport and entertainment. So far, the biggest step is to obtain license from the Premier League to transmit near live vdo clips from all Premier League matches within minutes after the incidents. This help providing the opportunity to see on their mobile phones for the soccer fans who are not the subscribers to the cable and those who are staying far from TV screens.

   Event Organizing
This is another fast growing business in Thailand. As sport expert, we provide organizing services in sport and entertainment with an added privileged for the customers on our full coverage in our media. We have a large team of experienced staffs whose past and present work are such as the organizing football tour for world famous clubs (Man U. , Chelsea , Liverpool , R. Madrid , Arsenal etc.)On the entertainment, we are the promoter and organizer for Thailand Miss Teen Pageant Contest. Sport complex is the most recent business we are expanding to.

   Sport Academy
Currently, we are operating a soccer school for small kids under license from famous Europe academy "Coever Coaching". The programme has been the success in building football talents to the world. The academy also provides success to Asian nations like Japan which is Asias number 1.

We are planning to open other academies to cover other popular sports such as tennis and tae-kwan-do.

Group Structure

Siam Sport Syndicate Plc. holds shares in:

1. Siam Sport Television Co., Ltd. 100%
2. Siam Sport Media Co., Ltd. 100%
3. Siam Sport Organizer Co., Ltd. 100%
4. I-Sport Co., Ltd. 50%
5. Inspire Entertainment Co., Ltd. 100%
 which holds 100% shares in :
5.1 Cournot & Nash Co., Ltd.
5.2 Model Work Co., Ltd.

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